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The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health

by Malcolm Fields


dog health



How do you know whether your dog needs to be seen by a veterinarian, or whether the condition will work itself out? Unfortunately, your dog can't tell you what hurts or where the pain is – or if he really is in pain. These days a tip to the vet costs close to $100 or more. Still, you don't want your dog to suffer and a vet might be able to helpyour dog.


I've had at least one dog in my family since 1959, and I still have problems trying to decide whether my dog's condition warrants a visit to the vet. Sometimes I take my dog to the vet just to ease my mind and find out that there's really nothing seriously wrong and the condition will resolve itself in a day or two. I could have saved the hassle, and the money.


Then I found The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health (by Malcolm Fields) while searching the Internet. It covers all of the common health problems that dogs have, both serious and not so serious. You can learn how to accurately diagnose the problem and whether your dog will be fine by himself, or whether you have to take him to see a vet and if so, how urgently the vet has to be seen. The book does this with flow charts that are easy to read and understand. A lot of the information comes from veterinarians and professional dog-care specialists, but it's written in everyday language that makes it easy to understand.


As I mentioned, the book covers all the common health problems that dogs have. These include dental problems, ear infections, skin rashes, eye irritations, worms, and lameness among others. It also covers chronic conditions like asthma, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing trouble, liver problems and more serious conditions such as cancer and severe arthritis. You also learn how to interpret your dog's body language, so you can pick up warning signs early.


There are a lot of dog caring tips, such as how to quickly groom your dog, how to give your dog medicine, how to care for his teeth and gums, and how to recognize warning signs of health problems like hair loss, and behavioral changes such as being more hyper or aggressive or more lethargic.


The best part of the book (for me) is that it answers the question I posed in the beginning. It has symptom charts that are like flow charts for specific symptoms. You can follow the branches of the charts, referring to the symptoms your dog has, and it tells you what the recommended treatment is for each one, as well as advising you whether you should take your dog to your vet and if so, how urgently. 


Not only do you get a fully illustrated 240 page guide, you also get four bonus books.


One of them, "The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid" which along with other first response techniques, tells you how to do the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR on your dog. The other bonus books are: "Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog", "20 Super-Healthy Recipes for Your Dog", and "101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10". These four bonus books have a combined value of over $80. And they are free!


To sum up, "The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health" is an information resource that every dog owner should have. Not only will you be able to make intelligent decisions about your dog's health and well-being, you will also know how serious the condition is, and whether you should see your vet. And, it tells you a lot about the minor day-to-day ailments your dog may have and useful information on preventative care.


This comprehensive guide will help you to spot little health problems your dog may have before they become big ones.


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The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health

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