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  • Dogs are pack animals. They have a need to socialize with humans as well as other dogs. You, the dog owner is the human that your dog needs to spend time with.

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  • The aggressive dog comes in a variety of forms and has different causes. For a family pet, aggressive dog behavior is unacceptable.

  • Dog training articles with tips on how to train your dog to do what you want him to do and not do what you want him to stop doing.

  • Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. There are a few different ways to stop your dog from barking, but in all cases, you should determine why your dog is barking.

  • This page is a list, with links to pages about dog behavior problems

  • Car ride training for your dog will take patience and an effort on your part, but you get your dog to tolerate, if not enjoy, going with you in your car.

  • The answer to the question: "What is the best breed of dog?" is "There isn't any". But there may be the best breed of dog for you.

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  • Puppies and adult dogs may have different reasons for destructive chewing, but some of the remedies are the same.

  • A companion dog does what he's told to do, doesn't pull on his leash, doesn't show any aggression toward other dogs or people, and is a real joy to have.

  • Dogs do sweat, but not like humans. They sweat through their footpads and have some sweat glands in their nose. The main cooling function for dogs is panting.

  • dog collar is a piece of material, usually leather, chain, nylon or other fabric, that is put around the neck of a dog for control and identification.

  • There are a number of reasons why dogs dig. Depending on why your dog digs, there are ways to stop it, or, at least, control the area where he digs.

  • A chart of common dog diseases, the cause, symptoms, prognosis, and the recomended treatment schedules.

  • Dog food aggression is when your dog gets aggressive any time you take his food away from him, go near his food, or even go near him while he's eating. He may just stiffen up, curl his lip, growl, snarl, snap at you or actually bite you depending on how aggressive he is about his food. He's also showing dominance since he believes that he is the alpha and that you don't have the right to take his food away, even though you were the one who gave it to him. It is a behavior that must be corrected especially if there are children in the household.

  • Jumping up on people is a real problem for dog owners and they cause the problem. Your dog jumps up and you pet her. You're rewarding your dog for jumping up.

  • Dog poisons come in three basic catagories that you have to lookout for. The easiest category to ignore, with potentially fatal results, is people food.

  • Here are some dog quotes that should bring a smile to your face.

  • Here is a list of 11 of the most commonly used dog obedience training commands used by professional dog trainers. The first seven are basic obedience commands.

  • Some of the reasons that a puppy or an adult dog will whine is for attention, it's bored, it wants something, or is ill or hurt.

  • Excitement urination is really not a house training problem. The cause of excitement urination is when puppies get excited, they lose control of their bladder.

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  • Training your dog and caring for your dog is what this website is all about. We want your dog to be a healhy well behaved and enjoyable member of your family.

  • Most dogs don't like to be bathed. The fist thing you have to do is to get your dog to tolerate, if not enjoy, getting a bath. The question is how do you do this.

  • Most dogs don't like to be bathed. The fist thing you have to do is to get your dog to tolerate, if not enjoy, getting a bath. The question is how do you do this

  • Bringing a puppy into a home that has an adult dog takes patience and preparation. The adult dog should be trained so the puppy will learn good behavior, not bad.

  • The Law Of Expectation states that whatever one confidently expects to happen will happen. This law is very significant when applied to the training of dogs.

  • Whether or not to let your dog on your furniture is an important decision for you to make because it has implications regarding the dominance or alpha factor.

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  • Should your next dog (or your first one) should be male or female? To help you answer that question, here are ten characteristics that depend on the dog's sex.

  • There are dogs featured in almost every aspect of our culture. Some are real dogs, some are comic strip dogs, some are mythical dogs and some are dogs in someone's imagination. Here is a list of 62 dogs of note with some information on who they are and where they came from.

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  • If you let your dog pull you you're rewarding your dog for pulling. If you want your dog to walk on a loose leash you need to stop rewarding her for pulling.

  • Puppy nipping is a natural activity that puppies do. So, when you bring your puppy home, and play with it or pet it, it will mouth your hands.

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  • This is a review of the DIY Dog Training ebook

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  • Rubbing your dog's ears gives your dog a soothing pleasurable feeling. Most dogs crave attention, and having their ears rubbed is the ultimate in attention.

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  • Submissive urination is not related to house training. It is usually associated with puppies, but some adult dogs also exhibit this tendency.

  • Teaching your dog to stay may be a convenience (yours), a command for "Alpha Dog" training or a command to keep your dog from getting hurt or into trouble.

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  • Working dogs, and I include herding dogs are intelligent, loyal, and respond well to training. They are, as a group, highly trainable and should be trained.

  • This page is a review of the book The Ultmate guide to Dog Health from KOP

  • There are a lot of different places to go to get a dog. Here are the pros and cons of pet stores, puppy stores, back yard breeders, shelters, rescue operations‚Ķ

  • Does your dog always do what you tell her to do, no matter where you are? If you answered "No" to this question, you really need to train your dog!

  • The question is "If your dog isn't hungry, why will eat grass and frequently vomit after eating the grass." There are some theories but no solid answer.

  • To stop your dog from doing something you don't like is not difficult, but it requires consistency, attentiveness, timing and praise.

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