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A Review

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer
By Adam Katz


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I have had one or more dogs for most of my adult life. I have obedience trained my own dogs and have taught dog training. I have read "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer" from cover to cover and found it to be one of the most comprehensive dog owner's guides that's available. It does more than just let you know the best and fastest way to train your dog.


In "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer" Adam Katz tells you just about everything there is to know about training - and caring - for dogs. And he explains, in detail, why you have to do the things he tells you to do to get the results you want and expect from a professional trainer.


He tells you why you cannot get a good quality puppy from a pet shop. He goes into the economics of puppy breeding to prove that pet shop puppies must come from puppy mills. He also tells you how to choose a puppy for your particular life style.


He comments about other trainers, both good ones and not so good ones. He differentiates between good dog trainers who aren't very good marketers and good marketers who aren't very good dog trainers. He doesn't think very highly of those dog trainers that only reward good behavior and do no correction for bad behavior – or no correction for not obeying commands. He obviously believes that his method of training is the best, and that although other methods do get results, it takes significantly longer to get similar results and that dogs trained using some of the softer methods or "no correction" methods don't respond as quickly or as reliably as they do when trained by his methods.


The book goes into a lot of detail about the dominant Alpha-dog, and the instincts and effects of the dog as a pack animal. The problems that come up when the owner/trainer is not the Alpha-dog, runs through the book. This includes dog with aggressive behavior.  That the owner/trainer must be the Alpha-dog is stressed in many different parts of the book.


His training method, which used rewards for good behavior and obeying commands in a timely manner, and corrections for not doing so is also repeated throughout the book. In this regard, he has a point to make, and he reinforces that point.


He talks about communicating with the dog, and the six different ways that dogs and humans can communicate to each other.


He points out the three concepts or keys of dog training, and the importance of these concepts.


The book details the methods to train a dog to obey the basic commands such as Sit stay, Down, Stand, Come, Heel, Hold it, Drop it, and Wait. It tells you how to give commands, and how to give praise.


The book also goes into detail in explaining the different types of training collars and the benefits and drawbacks of each of them. The author is biased toward the Pinch or Prong training collar.


The last part of the book is mostly questions on how to correct undesired behavior that were sent in by people in his program and the answers he gives them. These questions cover the gamut of almost every behavioral problem that a dog can have.


The book is a little difficult to read because of the way it's layed out. It does tend to jump around a little. Aside from that, I think the book is an excellent dog owners guide and I highly recommend it.


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