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A Review


Do It Yourself Dog Training Manual
By Sharda Baker






After reading "Do It Yourself Dog Training Manual" from cover to cover, I have found it to be one of the more comprehensive dog owner's guides on the market.  Sharda Baker starts out in her introduction telling you all the benefits of training your dog. She then goes on into describing each of the benefits in detail. By the time you've read the introduction, you're asking yourself "Why doesn't everybody train their dog?" 


She then answers that question, in part, by telling you the commitment, attitude, patience and effort that the new owner/trainer will need to be successful. Training a dog is an adventure, she says, and if you have the attitude and patience, and make the commitment and effort, you will be richly rewarded by increasing the quality of life for your dog, and everyone else in your family.


Sharda discusses dog psychology in detail starting with the inherited wolf instincts that dogs are born with and goes through the Alpha Dog and the hierarchal system, to the dog's memory and his jealousy tendency.


She goes through the development stages of a dog's life from birth through eight maturing stages, to the 4 year old or mature dog. She then goes into how to choose a dog considering the various breeds and the size of the dog at maturity, the prospective owner's home, health, energy level, and neighborhood and budget. She actually breaks down the costs associated with buying a puppy, the vet bills, and all the associated material things, including food, that you have to get for your new puppy.


She devotes a full chapter to describing the various senses that dogs have, and how they differ from human senses, the most obvious difference being the sense of smell. Another chapter is devoted to a dog's body language. That tells you how your dog communicates with you.


Before she gets into basic obedience training, she talks about the different methods of dog training, the basic training principles and the various kinds of training equipment. She uses only positive training techniques.


The chapter on basic obedience training goes into how to teach your dog the basic obedience commands such as "sit", "down", "come", and "stay". Then she goes into the more advanced training that includes some tricks. She uses mostly positive training techniques. I happen to believe that there are some dogs that require a correction so they know, in no uncertain terms, that they did something wrong.


The last two chapters that round out this comprehensive e-book are about crate training and house training.


There are three packages offered that range in price from $27.97 to $57.95. They all contain private e-mail consultation. The least expensive package contains the e-book I just reviewed plus an e-book and audio on potty training and an audio on vet health tips. The most comprehensive package includes all of the above plus an audio of the training manual, an e-book guide on controlling barking, an e-book on managing eating behavior problems, and a 12 month membership to the "Health Dog Life Forum".  And you have a 56 day guarantee.


All in all, I can say it's easy to read and understand and it's a great value. 


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