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Male Or Female Dogs

Which Is Best For You


The question of whether your next dog (or your first one) should be male or female leaves some people in a quandary. Some people choose the sex of the dog they're going to get purely on emotion. If you ask them why they chose the sex that they did, they usually can't give you a good reason, unless, of course, it's because they want a litter of puppies.


To alleviate this problem, here are ten characteristics that differ depending on the sex of the dog.


1.  Independent – Female dogs are more independent than male dogs.


2.  Stubborn - Female dogs are usually the Alpha dog and tend to be controlling and therefore, want their own way more than male dogs 


3.  Territorial - Female dogs mark the same way as male dogs do. Female dogs may mark after spaying. Male dogs usually, but not always stop marking    after neutering and the testosterone level subsides.


4.  Reserved - Female dogs are more reserved and show less    affection to humans than male dogs.


5.  Exuberance - Male dogs are more exuberant and playful than female dogs.


6.  Attentiveness - Male dogs are more focused on humans and tend to want to please humans and want to be near humans more than female dogs.


7.  Food - Male dogs are more motivated by food than female dogs, which makes training with treats easier with male dogs.


8.  Bladder Control - female dogs have greater bladder control and urinate once, when taken out. Male dogs tend to urinate on every tree, lamppost and fire hydrant that they see, or pass.


9.  Protective - Female dogs will be more protective of children than male dogs.


10. Aggression - Intact  male dogs  tend to be more   aggressive

towards other male dogs than female dogs, but neutered male dogs are usually not.



The characteristics that are more important to you will help you

decide whether a male or female dog is more appropriate for you.


Whether your dog is a male or a female, neutered or not, it definitely should be trained.


A trained dog is a happy dog and has a happy owner


For information on all the advantages and benefits of training your dog go to: Dog Training.

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