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The Law Of Expectation And Your Dog


The Law Of Expectation states that whatever one confidently expects to happen will happen. There have been many incidences that verify this law.


A teacher new to the school was given a class. There was a number next to each student's name. Assuming that these numbers were the IQ's of the students, she realized that she had a very bright class, and taught them accordingly. She had high expectations, and the class met them. Only after she was congratulated on how well her class did, did she find out that it was just an average class. The numbers she thought were their IQ's were really just their locker numbers.


Patients in drug tests that are given placebos have miraculous recoveries because they believe that they are given drugs that are going to cure them.


The Law Of Expectation is very significant when applied to the training of dogs. When you give your dog a command, and you really don't expect your dog to obey the command, she probably won't. On the other hand, when you give your dog a command and you really expect the dog to obey the command, she probably will. That may not be as dramatic as the two incidences noted above, but it is important when it comes to training your dog.


The way you give the command, your tone and body language lets your dog know whether or not you really mean it. If your dog doesn't think you do, she may or may not obey the command. If, on the other hand, your dog knows, from your tone of voice, your demeanor, and your body language, that you do indeed, mean the command and that you expect your dog to obey it, your dog most probably will.


If your dog is possessive about a bone or a toy and you apprehensively try to take it from her, she may possessively guard it, or run away with it. If go to your dog and confidently tell her to give it to you, she probably will.


Dogs are much better than humans in reading body language. The way they react to you is consistent with how you expect them to act.


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A trained dog is a happy dog and has a happy owner

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