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House Training Problems 

Excitement Urination


Excitement urination is really not a house training problem. It is usually a puppy problem, but can occur with adult dogs. The primary cause of excitement urination is that when puppies get overly excited, they lose control of their bladder. Most puppies grow out of it as they gain more control over their bladder, but you don't have to wait for that.


The first most important thing that you must not do is reprimand or punish your puppy in any way for excitement urination. Your puppy does not realize that she's urinating. She's not doing it for excretion purposes. She's doing it because the excitement has caused her to lose control of her bladder. If you reprimand her or punish her, she gets confused because she doesn't know why she's being punished. This can lead to submissive urination, which she will not grow out of, and will require additional work on you part to stop it.  If you catch her in the act, give her a sharp No! If she stops, give her praise for stopping. She may get the connection. If she doesn't, just clean it up and forget it. Make sure that you deodorize the spot where she urinated from excitement so she doesn't think that's a spot where she can urinate when she has to relieve herself. You can find a good enzyme deodorizer at:



 The way to stop excitement urination is to keep your puppy from getting overly excited. The usual situations that trigger excitement urination are:

·        Greeting you when you come home after being away for awhile

·        Getting ready for play time

·        The arrival of guests

·        Getting ready to go out


When you come home after being away for awhile, initially ignore your puppy for a few minutes. Then calmly greet your puppy. Try not to be over enthusiastic in your greeting. It may be difficult for you to restrain yourself, but remember that your puppy will respond to your excitement by getting excited herself, and that's what you're trying to stop.


When guests come over, tell them to ignore your puppy for a few minutes. Then they can pet her if they want to. You can explain the problem to them.


When you're going to play with your puppy or take her out, again, do it calmly.


Take your puppy's water bowl away a half hour to an hour before any of the trigger situations are going to occur. If your puppy is going to be left alone for more than an hour or two, you have to leave her water bowl for her so she doesn't get dehydrated, which can lead to more serious problems.


House training is the first training you're going to want to give your puppy. The next should be training your puppy to walk on a leash without pulling. For information on puppy and dog training, click on Puppy Training.


A trained dog is a happy dog and has a happy owner.


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