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Dog Training secrets


There are only three dog training secrets that you must know to be able to train your dog. By training, I mean teaching your dog to immediately do what you tell him to do and to not do actions that you teach him are forbidden.


The key words here are "Must Know". If any one of these dog training secrets are not known or not used, either it will take you a very long time to train your dog or your dog will never be very well trained.


The three dog training secrets are: 





The first dog training secret is Timing. Here is why.
A dog remembers his last action for approximately 6 to 9 seconds. That means that if you give your dog either praise (a reward) or a correction 15 seconds after he did or didn't obey your command, he does not know why he is getting the praise or the correction. That confuses the dog. The timing dog training secret is to reward or correct your dog within 9 seconds of the action. For puppies, it should come sooner than that. Ideally, the reward or correction should be immediate. That means that when you're training your dog you are prepared to reward or correct as soon as your dog responds - or doesn't - to your command.


The motivation dog training secret has two parts. The first part is that your dog needs physical motivation to obey your commands. He's not going to do it just because he likes you or because you're the one who feeds him. He's going to do it because he wants the reward and doesn't want the correction. The correction is a quick pull and release (a jerk) on the leash that's attached to the dog's training collar. The training collar should be either a slip collar, a pinch collar or a martingale collar. An e-collar can also be used. The strength of the correction has to be just sufficient to get your dog's attention. If he ignores the correction, it's obviously not strong enough. You should not have to give him more than three or four corrections before he understands what it is you want him to do. The second part of the motivation dog training secret is the immediate reward that you must give your dog when he obeys your command. The reward can be lavish praise or a treat or both.If your praise is lavish and timely, you will be on your way to having a happy well trained dog.


The consistency dog training secret is that every time your dog is given a command, he must obey that command. If you give him a command and you let him not do it, for whatever reason, you are telling your dog that he doesn't always have do what you say. If that happens, your training is significantly set back because you now have to teach your dog that he does have to always do what you say. He will be testing you for awhile. The same is true for training out negative behavior. If you are training your dog to not jump up on guests when they come in the door, and you let him get away with doing that once, without a timely correction you have just set that training back also. There are no ifs ands or buts. Your dog must do what you tell him to do every time, with no exception.

Those are the three dog training secrets. Use all three of them, and will have a well trained dog. Leave any one of them out, and you won't.

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A trained dog is a happy dog and has a happy owner.

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