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 A Companion Dog

How to Make Your Dog your companion


A companion dog, in this article, is a dog that not only does what he's told to do, but also doesn't get into trouble, doesn't pull on his leash, doesn't show any aggression toward other dogs or people, and is a real joy to have.


In AKC obedience trials, two of the degrees that can be earned are called Companion Dog (CD) and Companion Dog Excellent (CDX). Service dogs that are trained to help disabled people are also called companion dogs. This article is not about those kinds of companion dogs. This article is about you developing your dog into being your companion. 


What should be obvious is that your dog must be obedient, which usually means he is obedience trained. And he should be trained by you, not by a trainer. By training your dog yourself, with the help of a trainer or a training book, you will bond with your dog much more than if you give your dog to a trainer to be trained. And bonding is a big part of companionship.


Developing a companion dog takes time. It's like any human relationship. Each one has to get to know what his companion expects from him and what to expect from his companion. As you live together and continue bonding, you not only know what to expect from each other, but you also gain mutual respect for each other. The same is true for you and your dog. As you and your dog share more experiences, you get to know more about your dog and your dog gets to know more about you. Take your dog with you as much as you can. The more he is with you, the stronger the bonding gets.


  As you continue to reinforce the training your dog has had, your dog's response to your commands improves, the bond between you and your dog grows stronger, and your dog becomes a better companion dog.   


One of the basic tenets of dog training is:  Dog Training Never Ends.


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A trained dog is a happy dog and has a happy owner.

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